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Part I - Gold Coast

Part I - Gold Coast

Introduction to the Gold Coast

THE GOLD Coast marks the start of the enormous sand deposits of Eastern Australia. Sure there are a lot of large beaches south of the Gold Coast, but as the coast turns around forty degrees to the west passing the enormous extinct Tweed Volcano to flatter lands further north. North of the Tweed volcano are several isolated peaks of extinct volcanoes which act as anchors to hold the enormous masses of sand making their way up the coast, carried by the current and blown inland by the south east trade winds.

The Gold Coast was once a remote sandspit with a beautiful sweeping beach and good surf break coming across the Pacific Ocean. In 1917 a section of this narrow sandspit in the farming village of Elston was marketed as Surfer's Paradise, selling small holiday cottages. The rest is history.

From Point Lookout, I head southwards along the long beach of the northern Gold Coast before reaching the channel between North and South Stradbroke Islands after 38 kilometres. I cross over to South Stradbroke Island, and continue along its desert beach and dunes for another 23 kilometres before crossing the next channel to The Spit, from where I walk down the Gold Coast beaches, crossing rocky headlands at Burleigh Head and Currumbin before eventually reaching Coolangatta and wrap up the trek at my starting point at Point Danger, having completed 104 kilometres in this leg.


Day 48 - Lonely coast of four wheel drives

Heading southward along the neverending beach down two thirds of the length of North Stradbroke Island to the ocean camping ground.


Day 49 - Shifting sands

Continuing south to Jumpinpin Channel and crossing to South Stradbroke Island and head down to North Currigee.


Day 50 - From barren dunes to glittering city

Reaching the bottom of South Stradbroke Island and crossing The Cut before hiking into Surfer's Paradise and going up the Q1.


Day 51 - City beaches and headlands

Following the beach southward from Surfer's Paradise to Burleigh Beach and exploring the walkways on Burleigh Head.


Day 52 - Journey's end at the border

Crossing Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creeks heading down to Coolangatta and finishing the trek at the Point Danger Lighthouse.



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