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Part B - Sunshine Coast

Part B - Sunshine Coast

Part B - Sunshine Coast

 - Day 7 - Holidaymakers on shaky ground

 - Day 8 - Smoke of the bushfire

 - Day 9 - A volcano, an island and a river

 - Day 10 - Canal at the rivermouth

 - Day 11 - Into the passage


Introductory Content

AUSTRALIA is known aroud the world for its beautiful beaches stretching around its 32,000 kilometre coastline. Despite the vastness of the country with huge areas of its interior over 1000 kilometres inland from the sea, over 85% of its population live within fifty kilometres from the coast. All but one of the main cities stretch along parts of the coastline.

Sunshine Coast is a relatively small city which spans a lengthy section of coast. It sprawls across volcanic rocky headlands, sand hills and around the lower reaches of several rivers. The city sits wedged the sea to the east, and the flat topped Blackball Range to the west. Noticeably absent are the towering high rises, corporate rat race and swarms of tourists pervading Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Unlike those cities the Sunshine Coast is a laid back city where many people move to for a peaceful coastal lifestyle.

In this leg, I complete the southern end of the Cooloola Great Walk across forested wetlands before following the road to the Noosa River's only crossing point and continue to Tewantin. From there I roughly follow the Sunshine Coast Coastal Walkway along the entire length of the city over five days. I do deviate taking a few detours around headlands and sand bars to make the most of the spectacular beauty of the coast. After 115 kilometres, I finally reach the end of the Sunshine Coast at the peaceful Bell's Creek.



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26 August - 30 Sept


Sunshine Coast



26 - 27°S

0 - 230m ASL


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