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Bwindi Gorilla Trek

Bwindi Gorilla Trek
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24 - 26 August 2011


Bwindi Imp. For. Park




1300 - 3300m ASL


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FOR HUNDREDS of years legends abounded of giant hairy ape-men dwelling with tiny humans in the utter depths of the jungles of equatorial Africa.

Various explorations in the 1800s of western and central Africa suggested there was a large hairy savage people, mostly women. The descriptions were not clear enough to distinguish these legendary creatures were human, ape or something in between. It was perhaps like the modern sasquatch or yeti. Like today's sasquatch and yeti these creatures would only serve to play with the imaginations of those in the scientific community. These elusive creatures though would remain no more than fascinating legends until they were actually discovered.

Until they were clearly documented the scientific community would have to rely on the stories of the people who had spent long periods of time travelling the remote jungles of the Congo and fortunately survived.

It was not until 1902 when their discovery was confirmed when a team of explorers led by Captain Robert von Beringe was discovered a group of mountain gorilla whilst scaling a remote volcano.

When word of these giant apes reached the scientific community, expeditions of curious scientists were sent into Eastern Africa to find out more about these gentle giants.

Over a century has passed, but still there are expeditions where curious scientists and tourists venture deep into the remote mountains of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in search of the gentle giants so closely related to us.


Coming soon...

Day 1 - African massage


Day 2 - Villages in the mountains


Day 3 - Gorillas in the mist


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