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Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk
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27-30 December 2015


Blackall Range




80 - 420m ASL


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ONCE every few years the mysterious bunya tree would produce an abundant harvest of edible nuts. This almost forgotten tree from the age of the dinosaurs now misplaced in time still continues to grow in a few select pockets of hidden rainforest.

Nowhere have they been more prominent than along the upper reaches of the remote Obi Obi Valley tucked away over the Blackall Range behind the Sunshine Coast.

For thousands of years, the Aboriginal people from tribes far and wide embark on a triennial spiritual pilgrimage along the rugged trail of the Obi Obi valley to the sacred Baroon Clearing. This is believed to be Australia’s largest gathering of indigenous people. They would collectively arrive in time for the harvest of the bunya nuts. There they would stay for a three month long corroboree of feasting and resolving intertribal disputes before returning to their homelands.


Day 1 - Mapleton to Thilba Thalba


Day 2 - Thilba Thalba to Ubajee


Day 3 - Ubajee to Flaxton


Day 4 - Flaxton to Baroon


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