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Who is Walkabout Jeff?

Who is Walkabout Jeff?
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ANY NORMAL person's idea of going out involves going to the local pub for a drink with a few mates.

Walkabout Jeff isn't normal.

Walkabout Jeff's idea of going out involves going to the other side of the world to some far flung exotic location, meeting a small group of randoms from all over the world, and travelling with them for a few weeks together on an amazing life changing voyage of discovery.

Originally from New Zealand, Walkabout Jeff is an adventurous traveller keen to explore the epic planet we live on. The more he discovers the world the more he realises there is to explore.

Now based in Brisbane, Australia, Walkabout Jeff has documented his travels on this website as his way of sharing with you the amazing world we live in.

Every traveller has their own style.

Firstly, Walkabout Jeff desires a world where chickens can freely cross from one side of any road to the other without having their motives questioned.

Secondly, what sets Walkabout Jeff apart is a strong interest in the different cultures of the world, particularly those who are attached to the natural world unique to where they live. Walkabout Jeff is an adventurous traveller exploring the more difficult to reach places of the world. This includes the climbing of significant mountains and following ancient trails beat by significant civilisations of the ancient world.

The combination of his photography and love of documenting his adventures has culminated in the creation of this website.

Walkabout Jeff uses at least two cameras on his travels. Currently his primary camera is a Canon 6D with a 24 to 105 mm zoom lens which he takes everywhere. Whilst on safari, he also takes a Sigma 150mm to 600mm zoom lens. He also has an old Canon 70D as his backup camera. Often Walkabout Jeff would also carry an Olympus TG-4 as a backup where extreme weather renders using an SLR impossible. All video work for the travel diaries is done using his Go-Pros (Hero 8 and Hero 5).

In providing these stories to you, Walkabout Jeff hopes you will draw inspiration from these stories, either to see our amazing world for yourself, or at least to gain an appreciation of the diversity that exists in different parts of the world.

The more of the world Walkabout Jeff sees, the more he realises there is to explore. This website is an expanding collection of stories from his travels.


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