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Discover our amazing world through the lens of Jeff's camera.

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Latest travel diary...


Cleveland Point dawn

#687 - 20/02/2018


STARTING at Cleveland Point under overcast skies with the threat of rain, the sky...   more


Latest blog...


Sunset over Queenstown

#239 - 27/02/2017

Latest blog

MY FAVOURITE sunsets are those viewed at altitude in mountainous precincts where the...   more


Latest superblog...



#13 - Loaded 25/11/2017

Latest superblog

THE CAPITAL of the largest nation on Earth has a most fascinating history...   more


Latest trek...


Waikaremoana Track

#11 - Loaded 15/02/2017

Latest trek

THOUSANDS of years ago, a deep gorge cut through the soft mudstone of the...   more


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