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Deception Creek

Deception Creek
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A BRILLIANT sunrise over the mudflats of Moreton Bay greets me as I arrive at the northern end of Deception Bay. From here I follow the paved track marking the northern end of the bikeway/walkway extending along the side of Moreton Bay all the way to the Brisbane River and beyond into Redlands. After a couple of hundred metres, I reach the end of the track from where I follow the rough trail through the mangroves for about half an hour to the tidal Deception Creek, now starting to fill with water. I explore the creek downstream as the early morning sun filters through the large grey mangroves. It is not long before I reach the mouth of the creek.

From here I return upstream and follow the route through the mangroves back to the main trail clearing the area before the area begins to flood. From here I head to another entrance to the conservation area and hike a short track to the dry and cracked mudflats. I explore this arid area discovering another pretty route towards the top end of Deception Creek. The area is abandoned aside from two magpies on the exposed salt pan picking a red bellied black snake they had recently killed.

I do find Deception Creek quite some distance upstream from where I had earlier been, but don't linger as it is already full of water. I head back to the main flats from where I watch the tide come in over the cracked surface no doubt softening it. A large flock of ibises forage the water's edge.


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