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Clear Mountain

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Moreton Bay Region




74 - 144m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm up on Clear Mountain about half way between Sandford and Lake Samsonvale. It is a big hilly area which you see from Lake Samsonvale, but I've never been up here before. I'm going to explore these trails in this brief period of time between lockdowns. Come join with me as I explore all of these hilltops.

[Day 10 piece in Bb major: Bb F/A Gm Gm/F Fm F/A Bb/D Eb Fsus4 F : Ebmaj7 F Dm Gm Gm/F Ebmaj7 F G G/F Ebmaj7 F Dm7 Gm7 Gm/F Ebmaj7 F Bb]

Well friends I'm back near the end of the trail. I've done one of the two circuits and parts of it were quite steep but I got through all right. I'll head home now and go back into hibernation with another lockdown starting in two hours. Thanks friends for joining me again today. It is an interesting hill area here at Clear Mountain. Obviously it's not terribly well known and doesn't have any views from it. But there is another trail that goes out in another loop in that direction so at some stage later I'm going to head back here and do that one. In the meantime, thanks for joining with me on this loop and I'll see you somewhere else next week. Ciao for now.


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