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Lower Maroochy River

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Sunshine Coast




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Well hello friends. Today I'm coming from the Sunshine Coast near Mudjimba Point over there. Mudjimba Island is just off the coast there. A little bit further out is the wreck of the HMAS Brisbane. It was a military ship which was sunken there a few years ago to become a diving platform. I went on board the Brisbane back in 1983 when it was in Christchurch. I haven't been out there since it was decommissioned and sunk though. Sweeping around the coast here in the distance you have Point Cartwright and then over there is Maroochydore, the main city centre of the Sunshine Coast. That's actually where I'm heading today. I'll hike along the beach just a little bit before heading inland around the Twin Waters resort. Then I'll come out on the Maroochy River which I will be following upstream. I'll cross the river over the walking bridge beside the Sunshine Coast Motorway. From there I'll follow the river downstream to catch the sunset at Maroochydore. It's a bit windy today with these late winter westerlies. Apart from that there's not a cloud in the sky and not too hot or cold. Come join with me as I head up and down the river and hopefully we'll get a good sunset tonight.

[Day 8 piece in Ab major: Ab/C Db/F Ab/C Db/F Fm7 Bbm Eb7 Fm Eb Db Db/Eb]

Well friends I've now arrived at Cotton Tree Point just out of Maroochydore. I started off just over there around those lights on the other side of the river. Then seven kilometres up, six kilometres down, so around 13 kilometres all up. Now I'm catching the tail end of the sunset which has turned out really nice today. There's Venus in the sky up there. Thanks friends for joining me today and I'll catch you somewhere else next time. Ciao for now.


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