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Cabbage Tree Creek

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Good morning friends. Today I'm back in Bunyaville Forest. I was here a few weeks ago but this time I'm at the other end of the forest exploring a completely different track. Come join with me as I explore this new track.

[Day 7 piece in G major: D/F# G G/B C Em D/F# G/C D x2 : Cmaj9 D/F# Bm G Cmaj9 D/F# Bm C D G]

Well friends I've now made it up to the Samford Conservation Park having hiked through Bunyaville Forest joining onto the track I did a few weeks ago before diverting off it again. From the end of the park I managed to follow the upper reaches of Cabbage Tree Creek up to its source. Now a little further up the hill here I've reached the start of Samford Conservation Park. There's a couple of teddy bears here. I'm not sure what they are here for, but I'll find out and do a bit of research on that but there's quite a bit of area to explore up here. I came up along paths through to here. I need to head back now, but I'm looking at doing another trip exploring some of these tracks. I've never been up here before. It looks like we've got Samford Valley just over the hill here. I'll take a picture of this and do a bit of research working out some sort of circuit I can do here next time I'm up this way. For now though I need to follow the creek back downstream. Thanks friends for joining me again today. I'll catch you back here or somewhere else next time. Ciao for now.


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