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Ringtail State Forest

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10 July 2021


Sunshine Coast




12 - 57m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm at Ringtail State Forest just west of Noosa and a little inland. I've never been up here before. I'm just entering the forest now and exploring this state park soon to become a national park. I don't know what I'll find here, but it will be a fairly long walk today. Come join with me as I explore Ringtail State Forest.

Well friends I'm almost at the end of the trail now. It has been quite a long one at about 17 or 18 kilometres around the Ringtail State Forest and a bit of national park as well. There's been quite a bit of variety with a bit of exotic forestry at the start and end and native forest in the middle. It looks like they are clearing all the exotic forest and getting all the native trees to regenerate. Thanks friends for joining with me again today. I'll find somewhere else next time. I met a local guy on the track here around the middle of the day and he told me about all sorts of other local tracks in this area, so I'll certainly be back up here checking them out. There is a lot to see around here. so I may even be back up here next time. Otherwise it will be somewhere else in South East Queensland. Anyway that's it, so until next time, ciao for now.

[Day 5 piece in F major: F C/E Dm C Bb F/A Bb Csus4 C F C/E Dm C Bb F/A Bb Csus4 C : Gm Dm F C Gm Dm Bb Csus4 C Gm Dm F C Gm Dm Bb Csus4 C F]


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