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Ewen Maddock South Trail

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27 June 2021


Sunshine Coast




35 - 45m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm coming from the shore of the Ewen Maddock Reservior. I'm on the opposite side from where most of the tracks are. There is a new 10 kilometre long bike track here that has just been set up. It looks quite interesting. I'm not a cyclist but there is a walking track over here. It's not very long but I'm going to explore that. It's just a short travel diary today. Come and join with me as I explore some of these hidden pockets of the dam.

[Day 4 piece in E major: Esus4 E Bsus4 B Esus4 E Bsus4 B C#m B A B Esus4 E Bsus4 B E : A B C#m A B E]

Well friends. This is near the end of the track now.

Until then, ciao for now. I'll sign off here. I made it up to the lake and as you can see the water level is quite high now because they have completed all the upgrades to the dam. It's pretty much completely full now. Last time I was here on the other side of the lake it was half empty. Thanks friends for joining with me again today. I'll see you somewhere else next time. Ciao for now.


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