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Bunyaville Conservation Park

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20 June 2021






25 - 55m ASL


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Good morning friends. Today I'm coming from Bunyaville Conservation Park. It's in Brisbane fairly close to the city as you can hear from all the traffic roaring past. I haven't really explored this area much before but it is mostly bike trails here but there are a few walking tracks as well going through all the eucalypt forest that once covered most of the city. I'm going to set off now so come and join with me as I explore the Bunyaville Conservation Park.

Bunyaville Conservation Park makes up part of the Mangroves to Mountains corridor from Nudgee Beach up to Enoggera. I should walk this whole thing at some stage. That's a good idea. I'll do that. Anyway I'm not too far from the end of the track. I can hear the road about a kilometre ahead and I think this is an education centre in here. It's been quite an interesting walk. We're in the middle of winter now. The shortest day will be tomorrow and the sun will have only risen about 40 degrees above the horizon. Fortunately there are no clouds here and there has been almost no wind. It's quite a good day for doing this after the slow start this morning. Overnight I was testing out my slightly converted camper. I slept in it so well I had a huge sleep in this morning so I'm a lot later than usual coming out, so I thought I'd do one of the local tracks. This is the best time of year to be doing midday hiking. Most of the year it is a bit too hot to be doing middle of the day hiking. It's reasonably pleasant at the moment. Obviously the sun is going to set at 5:00 so I've got a couple of hours to get back. It is a great time to be hiking and there is still a fair bit of greenery around but now the dry season has started kicking in and things haven't been as lush as they have been up till a couple of weeks ago. The dry season starts now and the coldest part of winter is coming up over July and August. But most days between now and then should be nice and sunny like this. It's a perfect time to be hiking so if you're based overseas and you're wanting to find out the best time to come over to this part of the world in Queensland to be hiking, I'd say about now mid June to mid September. It's the perfect time of year.

Thanks friends for joining me again today. I'll catch you somewhere else next time out here in the beautiful South East Queensland area. Until then, ciao for now.

[Day 3 piece in Eb major: Eb Bbsus4 Bb Cm Bb Eb/G Ab Bbsus4 Eb Bbsus4 Bb Cm Bb Eb/G Ab Bb : Bb/C Cm Bb/D Eb Bb/C Cm Eb/G Ab Bb/C Cm Bb/D Eb Bb/C Cm Eb/G Ab Bbsus4 Eb]


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