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Burleigh Head

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13 June 2021


Gold Coast




0 - 40m ASL


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Good morning friends. Today I'm down the Gold Coast at Burleigh Head and I'm just walking through the national park today. I'm initially taking the inland track over the bluff and back along the middle track then going back along the coastal track. I'll see how that goes. It is a bit crowded today being a weekend and also a public holiday down south (New South Wales) as well. There's a lot of people up here today so hopefully I can get some good shots in. It is a beautiful day for it so come and join with me as I explore the Burleigh Head.

[Day 2 piece in D major: D A/C# Bm Bm/A Em7 D/F# C Asus4 A/C# : Bm A/C# D/F# G Bm A/C# D/F# G Em D/F# Asus4 A/G Em D/F# C Asus4 A]

Well friends I've now reached the end of Tellebudgera Creek across from the headland. You can see the headland just behind me and you can see the Gold Coast City centre Surface Paradise area just around the point. It was a very nice walk - very busy and crowded though. The Burleigh Heads is actually a volcanic formation part of the Tweed Volcano area. You can see some of the peaks of the shield volcano back there. This is just one very small part of it and I'm hoping soon to be exploring more of the volcano further inland. It's something to look forward to but in the meantime, thanks friends for joining with me today and I'll catch you somewhere else next time. Ciao for now.


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