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Postman's Track (Kobble Creek)

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05 June 2021


Pine Rivers




35-65m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm coming from the Postman's Track which is on the western side of Lake Samsonvale. As you know there are a lot of tracks on the other side of the lake and I've explored them all. I've never been up this way before. This is up near Dayboro. Hopefully we'll get a few glimpses of the lake but I'm not sure how close the track will get to it. This comes off the hills off Dayboro Valley. In the background you can hear bellbirds. They are an Australian native bird. I've never been here before so come and join with me as I explore this whole new area.

Well I've now reached Kobble Creek. This is one of the main inflows into the lake. At this point it just starts to get into the lake level. I think when the lake is full it comes up to here. The track has suddenly ended here. It is a perfectly fine day for scenery. It is now early winter and the wind has calmed down now but it was blowing fairly hard earlier. These are what I call the May westerlies which are now happening in June these days with climate change. There is not a cloud in the sky and the wind has calmed down so it is a bit warmer now. The May westerlies mark the beginning of winter. The weather will be like this until another lot of westerlies come through in August. It will be very nice every day but quite cold at night dropping to roughly 10 degrees. Inland here it would drop to about 5 degrees most nights and often there can be frosts here. Today is an amazing day for hiking. I need to make the most of this winter weather. I don't think I can get much further here but there is a track that goes further around so hopefully I'll be able to get some shots of the lake so we'll see what happens.

I've started doing a 24 composition challenge. Every working day over the next month or so when I finish work I head upstairs and jump on the piano and compose a piece. Each day I'm composing a different piece in a different key, each will have a different chord progression and a different melodic structure, so I'll see how this goes. Today I'm putting up the first one with this video and over the next 23 videos I'll add more, highlighting how many I've done and which day it is. Today is the first day. I give myself 30 minutes to compose each piece, 10 minutes to practice, and then 5 minutes to record. I'm sure there will be some bung notes in there, but this is just a nice little challenge I'm doing to get the creativity going a bit more.

[Day 1 piece in Db major: Db/F-Gbsus2-Bbm7-Absus4 : Bbm-Gb-Db-Absus4]

Well friends I'm now near the end of the track. There's quite a few tracks in here. It's all quite a bit bigger than I thought. As you saw one of the tracks is a little bit flooded with the lake level being a little higher than usual so I couldn't get through that. Two of the other tracks are closed for maintenance at the moment, but even with all those closures this has been a good two hour hike through the forest and over grasslands. This is a very good track. I'm nearly at the top of the hill at the end of the track. It has been a perfectly clear day today with not a cloud in the sky and I got some very interesting photography done here. It's nice being back out in the bush again as always. Thanks friends for joining with me today and I'll catch you somewhere else next time. Ciao for now.


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