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South Pine River

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21 February 2021


Pine Rivers




1 - 12m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm coming from almost at the mouth of the South Pine River where it meets Four Mile Creek. I've never been this far downstream before. Today I'm going to start from here and head upstream as far as I can get. I think there's fairly constant track all the way up to Bald Hills Bridge. I haven't explored this part of the river yet. I'm at the South Pine River. You'll remember a couple of weeks ago I hiked the North Pine River. That flows in a little downstream from here and goes up that way. The river I'm heading up today is going up in this (other) direction. Come join with me as I explore the river.

I've just found this little chair. Obviously some local fisherman has it and comes out here - this is his spot so I won't stay here too long. It's right at the edge of this little cliff here. I won't linger here for too long. It is very beautiful down here. I quite like exploring these little areas and it isn't even too far from where I live. It's quite a nice little spot. I'm heading upstream still, and haven't got very far yet.

OK friends I've now made it to Bald Hills Bridge. It is very noisy here. This is as far as I can get. Beyond here it is all mining excavations. There are probably some more tracks further upstream which I will explore at some stage. In the meantime here is the final view of the river which I followed for about ten kilometres of meanders around some residential estates. Thanks for joining me on this little walk. I'll catch you somewhere else this time next week. Until then, ciao for now.


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