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Gold Creek Reservior

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Good morning friends. Today I'm coming from the Gold Creek Reservior, a dam built in the early 1900s as a secondary water supply for Brisbane. I don't think it is being used anymore. I've come down from up in the hills already this morning, in the cool of the morning. From here I'm going to be hiking around the lake and then heading back over the hill towards Enoggera. Fairly big day today. It shouldn't be too bad with quite a bit of cloud around today.

Well friends I've now reached the end of the trail. It's quite a long one all the way from up in the hills down to Gold Creek Dam and now I've reached the Enoggera Reservior dam. I started hiking from the other side yesterday and I'm back. Just a couple of hundred metres and I will have finished the whole circle. Quite a long hike this has been. There's the dam there.

It's interesting on the way back here I met a couple who were obviously lost trying to find the Gold Creek walkway, the one I did this morning. They were looking for this place where they had seen an Instagram photo and were wanting to take exactly the same picture. Obviously they took the wrong track and eventually caught up to me when they were 12 kilometres off course. The point they were looking for was only about two kilometres from where they had parked. They had made one wrong turn and they were 12 kilometres off the course. We worked out if they took a side track down the hill they could take a taxi back to their car. It's quite an interesting thing that people see an interesting picture then try and take exactly the same shot. I don't really do that much at all. You can't get exactly the same picture obviously. I'm a big believer in doing your own creative thing, just taking what's there, because conditions change a lot with the lighting and time of day and weather and everything else. That's why I don't try and copy other photos or use Instagram. Anyway I'm almost there at the last little bit of the track at the end of Boundary Road.

So this is the end of Boundary Road and I've walked about half way along it (perhaps a bit more). It goes up as far as Lake Manchester and even beyond up towards Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo all the way up to Lake Wivenhoe. I certainly hope to explore some of those tracks a bit later on. So thanks friends for joining me today. Ciao for now.


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