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Enoggera Reservior to Mt Coot-tha

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24 - 264m ASL


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Hello friends. Today I'm hiking along the upper reaches of the Enoggera Creek up to the Enoggera Reservior into that area and probably heading across the hills up to Mount Coot-tha. It's a new area so let's explore it.

It's pretty remote out here but I'm probably less than 20 kilometres from the city centre, or about 10-15 as far as the crow flies. Yet everywhere you look around with the mountains way out in the distance, there's no sign of any civilisation at all. It's great having this just on our doorstep and I've never really explored this area before so I'm hoping to do a few more hikes through here over the coming weeks so you'll see me explore a few other areas roughly between Brisbane, Ipswich and Mount Nebo. There's a few short well known tracks here but there's a lot that are not well known at all. Apparently there's about 750 kilometres of walking track through here. To date I've done about 2o kilometres of them. There's a lot to explore here. Thanks for joining with me today so let's see what I find.

Well friends I'm now at the end of the trail. It's getting on dark. It's close to the longest day of the year at the moment but here in Brisbane it gets dark at about 7:15. There's a layer of cloud overhead so it's 7:00 and already getting dark. This was quite a challenging little hike of a good 20 odd kilometres from Enoggera Creek up through the hills along the Southern Boundary Road down to the back end of the lake and back over the hills again onto the Southern Boundary Road again and then going over the top of the back of Mount Coot-tha and now I'm back on the other side in Bardon. The end's now in sight just up ahead now so that's enough hiking for one day. So thanks friends for joining me on this journey today. Ciao for now.


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