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Redcliffe to Sandgate

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Hello friends. Today I'm coming from Clontarf Beach up on the Redcliffe Peninsula. That's Woody Point out there, and the city out in this direction and just over here we've got the start of a bridge heading across to the Sandgate peninsula. Today I'm heading across the bridge and exploring some of the wetlands on the other side. Come join with me this beautiful day exploring another area of Brisbane.

Well friends, I've now made it over to the other side of the inlet about 2800 metres over on the Sandgate side where I'll be exploring some of the wetlands. This is the mouth of the Pine River. It is a very nice day so I'll now be exploring some of the wetlands and the mangrove areas and wetland lagoons and I'll end up in Sandgate.

This is where my journey ends today here at Second Lagoon. It's a very peaceful area with a lot of birds out here. I'll do a little bit more photography now before heading off. Thanks for joining me on my little journey today from the Redcliffe Peninsula out here to Sandgate. I'll catch you next time. Ciao for now.


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