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Ewan Maddock Trail

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13 September 2020


Sunshine Coast




12 - 51m ASL


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HELLO friends, it's been a little while but today I'm out in the back of the Sunshine Coast near Landsborough and just starting a nice little walk. I'll probably do a fair bit today up along the side of Ewan Maddock Dam. First time I've been out for a little while. Let's see if we can get some good shots today.

I'm now at the information sign up here almost at the dam. I've come from down here up through here around that one, around there, and around there to here. So now I'll just head back down the main track back to Landsborough.

You've probably noticed I haven't been on Facebook lately, I haven't been on it at all. Some of you definitely still want to follow me, so below I've got a link to my Youtube account where you will find my travel diaries. Also bookmark my website walkaboutjeff.com. I have set up an updates page as well (from the homepage) so if you want to check in on updates, just jump on the updates page and you'll see what's been updated.

So I'm now almost at the end of the track now. Thank you friends for joining me on this little journey today and ciao for now.


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