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Fraser Island southward

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05 July 2020


Fraser Island




0 - 58m ASL


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GOOD morning friends. I'm just heading out to the beach at beautiful Fraser Island to watch the sunrise. It is always my favourite time of day but it is a very cold morning, only supposed to be about eight degrees. I'm very rugged up at the moment. It's just starting to get light. None of the others are awake yet. I've just reached the dingo proof fence and I've just got to find a way through it. That's easy. Just following the track down to the beach and hope to get some good sunrise pictures. There are dingo here. I saw three yesterday on the beach coming up but they wouldn't be a threat so long as I stand up and they really don't like the light so if I see one I'll just shine the light on it and it will run away.

It's now about half an hour before sunrise. The sunrise here is going to be absolutely amazing this morning. I've got the camera all ready and been taking pictures for a while.

This is the sailing ship Maheno. It was owned by New Zealand and built in 1905. It started off doing crossings of the Tasman Sea and broke a record going from Wellington to Sydney in three days. That was a record at the time. It's done a lot of trips across the Tasman and has also been across the Pacific and it was a hospital ship during World War I as well. It was finally retired in 1935 and towed up to Japan by its new owners but the mooring line broke off here in a really big storm and it's been stuck here ever since.

Well that was Lake Wabby. It's quite a cold lake that one. But I'm now heading over this desert that's advancing into the lake about a metre per year so apparently in about thirty years time the lake's going to completely disappear. So now I'm heading across the desert heading towards the beach. It's quite warm here with the sand heating up the air. It's a perfectly clear day.

We're now back at the bottom of the island. There's Inskip Point over there and the ferry is just on its way now. So here's our final moments here on Fraser Island. Obviously I'm keen to come back at some stage to do the great walk here. I did do a little bit of it around Lake Wabby today. Definitely keen to come back but it's time to head back home. Still a couple of hundred kilometres to go back to Brisbane. It's been an amazing weekend out here. Definitely keen to come back. Ciao for now.


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