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Home Beach to Point Lookout

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07 June 2020


Nth Stradbroke Island




0 - 32m ASL


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WELL hello friends. I thought today I'd head overseas, as far overseas as I can go. I've come over to North Stradbroke Island. The islands have just opened and they have been closed for quite a long time. It's great to be back out here having crossed the water of Moreton Bay. Today I'm starting here at the end of Home Beach and heading along the length of it. I'm then going to go across Cylinder Beach, then Deadman's Beach, Frenchman's Beach and then up onto Point Lookout. I haven't done any beach walks for a long time and this is the first island walk I've done since Stewart Island which is quite a long time ago now.

Well I've made it out here to Point Lookout. This is as far east as I can get in Queensland. Any further east I'll have to wait until they open the trans-Tasman bubble. This is Point Lookout, a bit rugged up here. It was a bit of an adventure getting up here but I've made it and the town is not far away now. I'm going to hang out and watch some waves for a while then head towards the village.

Behind me is the main beach of Stradbroke Island which continues all the way to the end of the Gold Coast. You can't see the Gold Coast from here today but I can see the mountains of the Tweed Volcano behind the city. If I do look hard enough I will be able to see the Gold Coast City. I did walk down this beach once. It is 38 kilometres either way, the return hike taking three days, but today I'm just going to finish up here at the village.

I'm out in front of the surf lifesaving club now. This is as far as I'm going to get today. Time to get back to civilisation. I just met a guy on the track who recognises me from somewhere but I'm not sure where, so I gave him one of my cards. So if you are here, leave a comment and let me know where you did see me - it was somewhere here on planet Earth. It could have been somewhere here in South East Queensland as we both live in Brisbane. Anyway for today it's over and out, so ciao for now.


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