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Tinchi Tamba Wetlands

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10 November 2019






1 - 3m ASL


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HELLO friends. I'm back on the Australian side of the Tasman now and I'm today exploring the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands which is near the mouth of the Pine River in north Brisbane. I've never been here before so I thought I'd have a bit of an explore. It is a very warm day today and the sun is vertically overhead almost as it does at this time of the year. Just exploring the wetlands.

OK I've reached the bird hide at one of the ends of the track. It's looking pretty good with a nice view over the mud flats of this estuary of Bald Hills Creek. I'm not going to do any bird watching today because this is probably the worst possible time for it with the sun almost directly overhead and being the middle of the day it is very warm. Birds tend to come out in the early morning or the evening towards sunset. I'll definitely come back here some time to do some bird watching. The reason I'm out here in the middle of the day is because it is a good time to be looking for good spots. It's very difficult finding a good spot when it is completely dark or when it is late afternoon and you're hurrying to get there before sunset. I've got no pressure on time at the moment so it gives me time to have a good look around and work out where all the good spots are and because I live fairly locally here I can come back out here any time.

Now I've been here during the day I've seen all the good spots down the streams and this is a very good spot and there's even some ledges where I could set up tripods. This is a very good place for bird watching. Sometime down the track I'll be coming back out here in the very early morning or in the late afternoon when the birds are coming out. It's definitely a good place for the bird watching. If you do have the luxury of having a good place like this to where you are living or where you are staying then do have a good look around the middle of the day so you find all the good spots and when you do have a good dawn or evening you know exactly where to go and how to get there.


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