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Yarra River sunset

Yarra River sunset
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16 July 2015







12m ASL


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THE ANTARCTIC wind blew the low clouds quickly overhead as I stood atop the Princes Bridge tripod set up avoiding the thousands of commuters all wrapped up in their black coats heading home. The bridge shook every time a packed tram passed.

I set up the camera on a tripod at sunset, but knew it will be a while before getting the best shot. There was one other photographer on the bridge with me. Like most photographers he gave up as the sky began to darken. He stopped by where I was standing and asked how much longer I'll be here. I convinced him the best part of the sunset will be in twenty minutes time.

Convinced by my advice, he set up his tripod next to mine. His camera was very similar to mine, and he was using the same fisheye. Curiously the camera had an army camouflage jacket on. Perhaps his specialty is wildlife photography.

Thankfully my hunch paid off. Twenty minutes later the darkening sky did deliver. The towering buildings illuminated the river under the fading sky of harried clouds giving us the shots we needed before parting ways to seek shelter from the cold.


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