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Unfurling frond at Springbrook

Unfurling frond at Springbrook
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22 November 2014


Springbrook Nat Park




610m ASL


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THICK HAZE enshrouded the Tweed Valley when I arrived at the Best of All Lookout in the early morning. Aside from two previous trips to Natural Bridge, I had never before been to Springbrook National Park. Today I arrived at the top of The Canyon, stopping at the lookout at around 1030 metres above sea level.

From the lookout I returned to the canyon and completed the Twin Falls Circuit. The trail followed the top of the precipitous cliff before descending and returning along the bottom of the cliff. I diverted at the bottom of the cliff to follow the Warrie Circuit a short distance to Rainbow Falls before returning to the trail and following it through rainforest along the bottom of the cliff, at times passing behind waterfalls and through very narrow chasms through sections of the cliff that had parted but not collapsed yet. Not much rain has fallen here recently, so there was little water plunging over the waterfalls. The sky above was perfectly clear and the forest was very humid at around 30 degrees.

Upon reaching Blackfellow Falls, I followed the other end of the Warrie Circuit down to Poodahra Falls then down to Poonyahra Falls where I found a tree fern beside the trail brightly illuminated by the midday sun almost directly overhead. One frond was unfurling though a little wilted from the intense sunlight. The waterfall quietly plunged in the background.

From the waterfall was a long ascent back to Blackfellow Falls, then a further ascent through a break in the cliffs, then along the top of the canyon to complete the circuit.

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