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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge
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10 May 2014


Springbrook Nat Park



275m ASL


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IN A secluded corner of the Numinbah Valley in Springbrook National Park is a short well graded trail heading down into a valley with a permanent stream bubbling through thick rainforest. A short walk up the stream reveals a cave where the stream flows from.

Part way into the cave a waterfall tumbles into a large sinkhole cascading down a large log brought down by a flood a couple of years ago. The waterfall plunges into a turquoise blue pool illuminated by the light filtering through the sinkhole above. The water in the nearby exit pool is a bright green colour reflected by the lush vegetation outside.

The cave itself is dark and lifeless, a huge contrast to the forest outside. The waterfall is surprisingly loud as there is nowhere for the noise to escape. The only life inside the cave are a few photographers like myself capturing the waterfall as best they can in the challenging lighting situation.

The trail climbs the hill above the cave and goes directly overhead to the natural bridge from where you can see the waterfall plunging deep into the sinkhole.

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