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Celebrating New Year's twice

Celebrating New Year's twice
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THE RIGHT hand side of my body is still in 2013 whilst my left hand side is already in 2014.

Due to the southern parts of Australia having daylight saving and the northern parts not, for nearly half of the year New South Wales is an hour ahead of Queensland. Whilst one would normally associate changing timezones with international travel, large countries such as Australia have multiple timezones.

I therefore couldn't resist the urge to head down to Coolangatta/Tweed Heads at the southern end of the Gold Coast to celebrate the new year twice. Perhaps as impatient as I am I wanted to see out 2013 and have a new start with 2014 early.

The evening started in Tweed Heads (NSW) where I celebrated the new year in by watching some fireworks before walking across the border into Coolangatta to celebrate it again an hour later by watching more fireworks.

I crossed the border at the Captain Cook Memorial at Point Danger. There were quite a few other people here doing the same thing as me so clearly there are other astronerds out there. When it came to my turn it was rather surreal. I stood across the boundary line. To my left was New South Wales and behind me the Tasman Sea. It was 12:17 AM on the 1st of January 2014. To my right was Queensland and the Coral Sea where it was still 11:17 PM on the 31st of December 2013.

Here I was in the zone standing between two years...


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