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Videoing on Bribie Island


HI EVERYONE this is Walkabout Jeff here with my travel diary for the day. It's quite a long time since I've done one. In fact this is my first time out since I got back from the United States about ten weeks ago so I haven't been out for a long time. Actually it's a lot longer than ten weeks. It's been a nice break but very nice to be back out here again exploring some local landscapes with the camera.

Today I'm at the bottom of Bribie Island. I've picked this spot because here at the entrance to Moreton Bay is a good place for the waves. They are not too big as you get on the open ocean beaches where you get too much noise. I'm here at the bottom of Bribie Island just a couple of kilometres out from Woorim. As you can imagine, as I've hiked almost 1100 kilometres of the South East Queensland coast, you'd think I'd know all the good locations. This spot has been especially picked out for today's video.

I'm not taking too many pictures today because my main focus is doing a little video work and also some audio of the waves for a presentation I'm doing in about about a week's time. So here I am today. It's a beautiful morning here with the sun having just risen. There's a bit of a breeze, but hopefully it's going to calm down a little bit shortly and I'll be able to get some really good recordings of the waves as they are coming in nice and even with not too much random noise hopefully. So I'll see how we'll go.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you want to catch up with more of my travels, do subscribe to my Youtube and Facebook channels and also check out my website walkaboutjeff.com for my past travels and have a look at all the new stuff I'm doing on it. See you later.



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12 January 2019


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