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Venus and Moon precedes the dawn

Venus and Moon precedes the dawn
22 July 2017
Sunshine Coast
15m ASL
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THE STARS shone very bright as I looked eastward to the pre-dawn morning. Despite almost no wind blowing, the air was very chill having dropped to below five degrees. A slight glow appeared in the sky ahead, brighter than that expected from the few fishing boats straddling the distant horizon.

It was not long before Venus, the very bright source of the lightening of the sky appeared over the distant clouds. Bright enough to cast a clear light over the black waves approaching the shore, it rose on an angle almost following the Pleiades and east of Orion, leading the way for the coming dawn.

As the sky showed the first signs of colour with the approaching sunrise, the moon slipped over the horizon. Having the faintest of crescents, its dark side was clearly visible in the almost non-existent lighting. Its grey disk was orange in such a low position in the sky, extending a faint orange light across the waves next to the brighter light from Venus. In this shot Venus looks as big as the moon, but only due to it being a much brigher light. Venus was just a slightly greenish pinpoint of light much brighter than the moon.



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