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Baltic sunset

Baltic sunset

TWENTY three days ago I stood by the shores of Majon Resort near Hamhung on North Korea's (and Eurasia's) east coast looking over the Sea of Japan. Today I watched the sunset from the west coast of Eurasia from where St Petersburg opens out into the Baltic Sea.

I had arrived in St Petersburg at 8:30 this morning having completed the epic 9636 kilometre train journey from Pyongyang starting 18 days ago. After exploring the city during the day, I decided to head north on the city metro. Firstly I headed up to Komendarnskiy Prospekt station (the last one on the purple line) and headed up to the surface to the 60 degree parallel - the farthest north I had ever been.

From there I returned down the metro and returned one station before walking to the 300 Year Centenary Park where I caught a stunning beach sunset against gale force winds coming straight off the Baltic Sea. Here I achieved my goal of crossing from one side of Eurasia to the other with a 9890 kilometre journey in between, or 6800 kilometres so far as the crow flies. I now realised the enormity of this supercontinent.

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