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Carnival of Flowers

Carnival of Flowers

PERCHED up on top of the Great Dividing Range, Toowoomba has a temperate climate with four seasons. The death of winter is quickly brushed away with palettes of vibrant colour in spring when the flowers bloom.

Up here on the range the spring is celebrated with garden competitions as the masses of colour bring the city to life. The standard is amazing, with both public and private gardens immaculately presented with every last detail done to perfection.

The Queens Gardens in the middle of Toowoomba had many colourful beds of flowers in concentric circular arcs around a monument. Every bed was unique and brightly coloured. Large trees with new leaves budding for the coming growing season stood watching over the delicate flower beds.

From there I visited the garden competition winner's garden, set a little out of town on a large block. 11,000 plants set to perfection grew in a garden of amazing character including a large flower map of Australia, a huge waterfall, life sized monkeys in the trees and vintage cars all perfectly placed around the garden. Its sheer innovation without being overly busy made this garden a stand-out entry for the competition.

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