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Chalahn Falls

Chalahn Falls

LAMINGTON National Park is a lost world remnant of the great forests that occupied Antarctica before it broke off from Australia to become the frozen continent it is now.

The Toolona Stream cascades through the Gondwanaland rainforest down a deep gorge carved into the edge of an ancient volcano. From O'Reilly's I took the Toolona circuit initially descending to the bottom of the gorge before the trail ascended the length of the stream. The trail switch backed up the gorge, negotiating countless waterfalls and cascades flowing between the moss covered rocks.

Upon reaching the top of the stream, the trail continued through Antarctic Beech forest to the top of the McPhearson Range at the edge of the caldera. The trail followed the top of the caldera through the ancient forest before gently following the ridge through rainforest back to O'Reilly's Plateau.

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The Toolona Circuit

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Lost World Volcano of Gondwanaland

Photo from today:
Tranquil Waterfall

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