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Gravel Road through Rainforest

Gravel Road through Rainforest

I FOLLOWED the Westside Trail from Maiala this time heading back towards Mount Glorious from the Western Window Lookout. Looking down the steep forested ravine I could make out a gravel road. The trail eventually met the road, which I followed westwards.

The forestry road meandered through the piccabean palm forest with huge strangler figs creating a towering canopy high overhead concealing the road from any view above. Although I had walked a good three kilometres to get here, I was just a hundred metres below the trail above running parallel to the road but inaccessible due to the steep rugged terrain. Maiala itself was just a three hundred metres away, but the Easter crowds pervading the park today were completely out of earshot. Occasionally I would hear walkers passing unseen on the trail high above me.

Otherwise the only sounds were the strange rings of the bellbird, along this otherwise deserted road that eluded any maps and didn't seem to start or finish anywhere.

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21 April 2014


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