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Light at the end of the Tunnel

Light at the end of the Tunnel

FOLLOWING a particularly hot climb of Mount Ngungun in the morning I headed a little further north to the Dularcha National Park to walk a trail along what used to be the main railway line before the existing one was diverted to another path.

The trail rose on a gradual incline before reaching a tunnel going through the range.

The tunnel was very dark, with its ends illuminated only by the light filtered through the forest at the entrance on either end. It was very cool inside the tunnel - a lot cooler than the 35 degrees outside. There had not been any breeze outside, but the range had funnelled whatever pressure there was into a steady breeze through the tunnel. The tunnel turned, preventing a view from end to end.

Fortunately there were no creatures in the dark tunnel that I could see, apart from one rather large bug that landed on me at one stage.

About half way through the tunnel I could clearly hear the horn of an approaching train. Was this a ghost train of days gone by? Later I was to find the exiting railway line about a kilometre to the east of the trail. This was where the train had passed through earlier. The hard surfaces of the tunnel walls had amplified the sound to make it appear to be coming straight through.

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16 February 2014


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