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Dry Cascade

Dry Cascade

THERE is a boardwalk trail heading westward from the Maiala carpark downhill for just over two kilometres through spectacular rainforest to Greenes Falls. It is not until the last two hundred metres that you have descended far enough down into the gully that I saw a trickle of running water.

Although it had been raining earlier this morning, it was apparent there wasn't going to be a lot of water going over the falls. The rain had done little more than to wet and freshen up the lush rainforest vegetation. The little stream merged with another two small streams, but even the combined flow was little more than a trickle. I would have to return here during a deluge to see any action here.

The boardwalk abruptly came to the end at a viewing platform at the top of the falls. It was not a waterfall with a vertical drop, rather a steep cascade. The small trickle of water was almost invisible silently running down the bare rock where past tempests had stripped away almost all of the vegetation apart from a few hardy palm trees and shrubs that had somehow clung onto the rock against the swift current of the falls. During such a flood the water would roar down the cascade with the noise of a freight train. Today it was silent here apart from the strange whistles of a few bellbirds high in the forest above me.

It was a very wide vista, so I used my wide angle fisheye lens to capture the large washout, zooming it out to just eight millimetres covering a 140 degree field of view. The wide fisheye view creates a very interesting distortion around the edges of the photo.

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