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Approaching the Summit

Approaching the Summit

TODAY was another humid and overcast day climbing Mount Ngungun, and there were a lot of people on the trail. Unlike last time I had climbed two weeks ago the sky was clear giving good views across to the other volcanic plugs in the area.

Following the long stone stairway up the side of the mountain the final hundred metres to the summit follows a narrow ridge, with stunted windswept scrub falling off steeply to the right, and a vertical cliff face dropping from the side of the track to the left. The trail is a well-worn scramble around small rocky outcrops gradually ascending to the summit.

A little to the right of the ridge are the two highest peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains, both of which are closed due to the unstable rock formations. To the front is Mount Coonorin (locally known as Crookneck). The vertical rock face around its summit is expected to collapse very soon. Behind that is Mount Beerwah which had a trail to the summit until a couple of years ago when huge rocks began rolling down from a large overhang near the summit.

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