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Walkabout Jeff's Travels Around the World
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The Travels is an endless collection of captioned and timestamped photos covering Walkabout Jeff's travels to every conceivable (and inconceivable) location on this planet in his endless pursuit to add to his exotic photon collection.



Eastern North America

Travelling the East Coast of North America, starting in New York before heading into eastern Canada. From there... more...



Crossing the Drake Passage from Ushuaia to below the Antarctic Circle, then exploring the Antarctic Peninsula... more...


Pan-American Journey - Part 1

Heading north from Ushuaia along the Andes through Patagonia to Santiago, then heading across to Easter Island... more...


North Pacific

Travelling through the islands of Hawaii, exploring the numerous beaches, mountains and forests, and discovering... more...



Arriving in Kota Kinabalu before climbing Mount Kinabalu. Then heading across the island to the... COMING SOON


North Asia

Exploring Beijing before heading into North Korea for a week, then travelling by train from Pyongyang to... COMING SOON


East Africa

Stopover in Dubai, then heading to Nairobi and Masai Mara before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and gorilla trekking... COMING SOON


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