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WELCOME to, a travel website showcasing the photons Walkabout Jeff has collected from all around the world.


Photons are subatomic particles readily available anywhere, yet Walkabout Jeff travels insists on travelling far and wide to collect them from very exotic locations.



Latest travel diary - Rainy Forgan Cove Walkway

Heavy flooding rain was falling over the Sunshine Coast and Gympie areas, causing some major flooding for the second time... more...




Latest addition - SE Qld Trail - Brisbane to Mooloolah

Days 1 to 12 hiking from Brisbane City along the D'Aguilar Range, then through the Glasshouse Mountains to Mooloolah Village... more...




Who is Walkabout Jeff?

ANY NORMAL person's idea of going out involves going to the local pub for a drink with a few mates. Walkabout... more...




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