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Walkabout Jeff's current location:

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Latest diary:

Videos from Easter Island will be published here shortly, but they are now available through my Youtube channel... more

Today in history:

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Behind the scenes:

Local travels:

  • South East Queensland coast walkabout project is in the final edits in publication with one day being released each week until final week published on 15 July.

New Zealand travels:

  • Milford track (Feb 2017) will shortly be published 1 day per week.

  • Kepler Track (Feb 2018) photography is complete and now being added to website to be released one day at a time after the Routeburn track has been published.

  • Waikaremoana/Whanganui/Heaphy/Abel Tasman Tracks "Treks" will soon be republished in preparation for publishing into the new walkabout format.

International travels:

  • Eastern North America (Sept 2018) is in first short release being published.

  • Hawaii (Oct 2018) will soon be first release published.

  • Antarctica (Feb-Mar 2019) will soon be first release published.

  • Patagonia (Mar-Apr 2019) in pre-sorting with private group photos in the process of editing and release. Diaries have been published.

  • Easter Island (Apr 2019) in pre-sorting awaiting editing.



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